We at Unique Batik think fun and beauty should be good for the planet.  We want the people who make our products to be safe, and our work to clean up messes, not make them.  Natural dyes made from healthy, sustainable ingredients like avocado peel and coffee leaves keep artisans and customers happy and healthy.  Recycling not only reduces what goes into the landfill, it also reduces the cost of materials so artisans get to keep more of every dollar earned.  With eco-friendly products, everyone wins.

RecycledPicture of flour sack tote

With so many cool materials to choose from, the possibilities for reuse are endless.  Artisans recycle clothing into bags, glass into beads, plastic bags into crocheted items, guitar strings into jewelery and flour sacks into skirts and bags - just to name a few fun transformations.  We'll be sharing more about these efforts on our blog.  Check out the posts we've done so far:

Natural Dye

Picture of natural dye bucketNatural dyes take more time and effort to produce than synthetic dyes, but we think the results are worth it.  The colors have a unique beauty, and using safe, healthy materials benefits artisans and customers.

The film at the top of this page has a great section on our natural dyes.  As Ana says in the video, carrots make "carrot color," and eucalyptus can make red or yellow.  Who knew?