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5 Original Ideas (All Under $20) for Stuffing Those Stockings

5 Original Ideas (All Under $20) for Stuffing Those Stockings

The story goes that St. Nicholas knew of a poor family whose three daughters stood no chance of marriage without a dowry. He secretly slipped some gold coins into their stockings hung by the fireplace to dry, thus infusing their hearts with hope. Earlier European traditions hold that kids left straw out in their shoes for Odin’s horses, and discovered treats the next morning, which he left in exchange.


Today we hang large, custom-decorated stockings up in our living rooms in expectation of them being filled on Christmas morning with fun treats, and what I consider to be teaser gifts. They usually bulge and overflow like a cornucopia! In my grandma’s house, we hung an empty pillowcase by the foot of the bed on Christmas Eve. Father Christmas would come while we slept and drop his gifts into our sacks.

Whatever the size and type of your traditional receptacle, we offer a few unique Guatemalan options to surprise your family or guests of any age or gender. This good cheer will certainly spill over into the homes of our artisans, filling their hearts with hope much like St. Nick’s gold coins did long ago.

1. Star Tassel $18

Hang it on a doorknob or backpack. It is made of hand-embroidered felt, with a bright cotton tassel and a braided cotton loop for hanging.
order tassel here

2. Beaded Pen and Pencil Cover $14

pen cover
A brightly beaded cover featuring cool geometric designs and a topper with dangling stars
order pen cover here

3. Doggie Pouch $16

doggy pouch
Handy to keep doggy treats when you’re out on a walk, this small drawstring pouch hangs conveniently from a nylon hip belt and is great for carrying plastic bags as well.
order doggy pouch here

4. Huipil Coin Purse $5

coin purse
Embroidered cloth with zipper, perfect to stash coins or small items.
order coin purse here

5. Hackey Sacks $3

hackey sacks
This fun little ball is made of crocheted cotton, and filled with plastic pellets. They come in assorted colors and patterns. You can toss it around or use it as a stress ball.
order hackey sacks here

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